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Welcome to Kardon Marketing

Founded in 1991, Kardon Marketing Services offers quality products utilised in marine moorings as well as bridge and wharf construction and repair.

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, business owner, Alan Maling, provides valuable advice on the best product(s) to suit your individual situation at affordable rates. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Products include

Rubbing Strips

Machined from cast sheets of ‘Tivar’, which is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. This high-density plastic offers exceptional wearing resistance, while being as machineable as hardwood.

Cast Iron Bollards
Our bollards have a 20 tonne yield with a Safety Factor of 5, which provides a Safe Working Load of 4 tonnes (calculated on a mooring line load acting at an angle of 60º to the horizontal).
Mooring and Life Buoys
We have a range of rotationally-moulded Floating Mooring Buoys and Life Saver Buoys at various sizes to suit your needs.
In-Situ Timber Preservatives

We proudly offer Arch Wood Protection Propriety Limited’s range of in-situ preservative chemicals: CN Timber Emulsion, CN Timber Oil, and Vacsol T, Timber Insecticide, which is one of the newer, safer-to-use permethrin insecticidal products which has good ‘knock down’.

Kardon Kaps

Also known as bird cones, these products are rotationally-moulded in UV resistant polyethylene plastic. With a 4mm nominal wall thickness, Kardon Kaps are tough and reliable.

Treated Ply Bridge

NiuDeck is a purpose designed and engineered heavy plywood decking system which is primarily used for re-decking traditional timber bridges but can also be used with steel supporting structures including wharf and rail deck applications.