Rubbing Strips

Machined from cast sheets of ‘Tivar’, which is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. This high-density plastic offers exceptional wearing resistance, while being as machineable as hardwood.

Cast Iron Bollards
Our bollards have a 20 tonne yield with a Safety Factor of 5, which provides a Safe Working Load of 4 tonnes (calculated on a mooring line load acting at an angle of 60º to the horizontal).
Mooring and Life Buoys
We have a range of rotationally-moulded Floating Mooring Buoys and Life Saver Buoys at various sizes to suit your needs.
In-Situ Timber Preservatives

We proudly offer Arch Wood Protection Propriety Limited’s range of in-situ preservative chemicals: CN Timber Emulsion, CN Timber Oil, and Vacsol T, Timber Insecticide, which is one of the newer, safer-to-use permethrin insecticidal products which has good ‘knock down’.

Kardon Kaps
Also known as bird cones, these products are rotationally-moulded in UV resistant polyethylene plastic. With a 4mm nominal wall thickness, Kardon Kaps are tough and reliable. Available in Fluro and Non-Fluro.
Treated Ply Bridge

NiuDeck is a purpose designed and engineered heavy plywood decking system which is primarily used for re-decking traditional timber bridges but can also be used with steel supporting structures including wharf and rail deck applications.