Mooring & Life Buoys

Kardon Marketing Services is pleased to offer a range of rotationally moulded Floating Mooring Buoys and Life Saver Buoys.

Mooring Buoys

Mooring Buoys
Life Buoys
Life Buoys
Foam Filled BuoysUnfoamed Buoys
10 inch mooring buoy6 inch mooring buoy
15 inch mooring buoy8 inch mooring buoy
24 inch mooring 10 inch mooring buoy
30 inch O.D. life buoy15 inch mooring buoy
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Rotationally moulded Polyethylene buoys Prices
DescriptionEx Works-Sydney Price
(each -not included GST)
10 inch buoy – foam filled$50.00
15 inch buoy – foam filled$70.50
24 inch buoy – foam filled$141.00
30 inch O.D. life buoy – foam filled$153.00
6 inch buoy – unfoamed$14.80
8 inch buoy – unfoamed$17.00
10 inch buoy – unfoamed$28.00
15 inch buoy – unfoamed$36.00